Leadership and Staff

Leadership and Staff2020-05-25T02:28:28+00:00
Role Name
Principal Mrs Anne Rees
Assistant Principal Mrs Emma Fisher
Religious Education Coordinator Ms Susan Togher
Kindergarten Ms Rene Vella
Year 1 Ms Rosa-Lia Mascera
Year 2 Ms Susan Togher
Year 3 Ms Nicole Farrugia
Year 4 Ms Adriana Piras
Year 5 Ms Nova Rudko
Year 6 Ms Chloe Harrigan
Role Name
Music Ms Jessica Newey
Drama Mrs Ingrid Oliveira
Sport Mr Ross Caltabiano
Reading Recovery Ms Rosemary Peric
Reading Recovery Ms Jo Berton
Executive Release Mrs Ingrid Oliveira
Secretary Mrs Maria Yanto
Learning Support Officer Mrs Rhona Rossiter
Learning Support Officer Mrs Deborah Zeitler
Learning Support Officer Mrs Cathy Truman
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